Adventure Game Books

A-Mazing Journeys

by Graham White


Set in a new millennium, Space Rescue is a game with a mission. Graham White’s incredible cross-sections transport you to a new world where you must surmount one obstacle after another as you attempt to rescue two astronauts stranded on a distant planet. Be stunned, confused and captivated as you wrestle with the tasks ahead – or cheat and take a look at the mirror-image solutions at the back.


  • Hardback
  • 32 pp, separate ends
  • 330 × 248 mm (13 × 9¾ inches)
  • Also available in smaller size of 287 × 235 mm
  • 8–12 years

These multi-dimensional maze and puzzle books take this genre to a new level of originality and complexity



RIGHTS REVERTED – Denmark, UK, France, Germany, Hungary, China, Taiwan, Korea

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