Adventure Game Books

Series: Adventure Knowledge Mazes

by Graham White



  • Secrets of Pyramids
  • Search for Pirate Treasure
  • Storming a Castle


A young maze series which combines fun with learning. Each book is a puzzle-packed adventure – and as you progress through
the mazes, you will discover interesting facts about the past.


In Secrets of the Pyramids you are a twelve-year-old boy, living in ancient Egypt. Your father is trapped inside the pyramid
he was helping to build and you are his only hope of escape.


In Storming a Castle you’re back in the Middle Ages, taking part in a siege and attempting to rescue your father from the
castle’s dungeons.


  • Hardback and paperback
  • 32 pages, separate ends
  • 287 × 235 mm (11¼ × 9¼ inches)
  • Age 8–12 years


RIGHTS REVERTED – Germany, Spain, China, Taiwan, Holland, Australasia, Japan, Czech Republic, Slovakia



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