Natural History

Series: Animal Faces

Hannah Kate Sackett, illustrated by Martin Camm



  1. Animal Faces in the Water
  2. Animal Faces on Snow and Ice
  3. Animal Faces at Night
  4. Animals Faces in the Forest

You can learn a lot from a face. By focusing on the features of an animal’s face the reader can learn how it has adapted to survive in that environment. How does it see, hear, taste and smell? How does it sense danger? Is its face camouflaged, or does it serve to attract a mate, or its prey? Martin Camm’s detailed and beautifully composed artwork gives the reader a glimpse of what it would be like to meet these animals face to face. Each animal featured is linked with the next within the chosen environment spread by spread and there is a 3-page illustrated fact file on the featured species at the end of each book.


  • Hardback
  • 5–8 years
  • 32 pages, separate ends
  • 202 × 202 mm (8 × 8 ins)


RIGHTS TAKEN – China,Korea

RIGHTS REVERTED – US & Canada, Germany, Czech Republic


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