Prehistoric Life

How Dinosaurs Lived

by Paul Barrett, illustrated by Raul Martín


Dinosaurs ruled the world for around 160 million years. What made them so powerful yet ultimately so vulnerable?


Here you'll find the latest scientific knowledge about what made dinosaurs 'tick' — everything you need to know about dinosaurs in 96 information-packed, beautifully illustrated pages.


From first discovery to latest reconstructions. From how they lived, what they ate, how they attacked, how their defended their young, and how they moved… to the different dinosaur groupings and their ultimate demise. From Compsognathus, one of the smallest hunters, to Tyrannosaurus, perhaps the most fearsome predator of all time. From the giant plant-eaters to the armoured dinosaurs. From the mighty hunters to Iguanodon and the duck-bills. From horned plant-eaters and horned predators to speedy hunters. From Archaeopteryx, the first known 'bird' dinosaur to Caudipteryx, the turkey-sized feathered dinosaur.


Unravel the mysterious and exciting world of dinosaurs with the help of How Dinosaurs Lived!


  • Hardback
  • 96 pages, separate ends
  • 280 × 218 mm (11 × 8½ inches)
  • 8–12 years



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