Prehistoric Life

How We Know About Dinosaurs

by Paul Barrett, illustrated by Raul Martín


We take a look at the world of the dinosaurs through the eyes of talented artist Raul Martín. This book features 11 of his stunning double-page scenes, bringing to life various types of dinosaur in their habitat – feeding, fighting, hunting, browsing, or bringing up their young. Each is accompanied by enough text to tell the young reader a little about the dinosaur, what it’s doing in the scene and how it lives, with more text and small illustrations explaining how we know about these things. At the end of the book is a spread of facts and figures succinctly summarizing the featured dinosaurs and rounding off the dinosaur story.


  • Hardback
  • 32 pages, separate ends
  • 287 × 235 mm (11¼ × 9¼ inches)
  • 5–7 years
  • 11 scenes of dinosaurs in their habitats
  • 30 realistic full-colour illustrations




RIGHTS REVERTED – Denmark, Germany

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