Adventure Game Books

Series: Max Moon's Mystery Trails

by Obin



  1. Mad Mower
  2. Mad Machines

MYSTERY TRAILS is a series featuring Max Moon – dreamer, explorer, inventor, and genius. Strange things are always happening to Max, and half the time he doesn’t know whether he’s awake or dreaming.


In Max Moon’s Mad Mower, you will join Max on his dizzy dream adventure to find his lost lawnmower. Follow the trail around the island, under the sea and even into space. In Max Moon’s Mad Machines, Max has been spending his free time down at Rusty Spoon’s Scrapyard, thinking up new ideas and helping out the other folk on Doobidoo island with his crazy inventions.


All is revealed in the end ... but do you have the brain power to last the course?


  • Hardback and paperback
  • 32 pages, separate ends
  • 350 × 254 mm (13¾ × 10 inches)
  • Also available in smaller size of
  • 287 × 235 mm
  • Age 7–11 years



RIGHTS REVERTED – Denmark, Germany, France, China, Korea



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