Natural History

Series: Nature Unfolds

by B. Stonehouse, G. Cheshire, A. Williams, S. Barrett, Illustrated by P. Barrett, M. Camm, R. Orr



  1. Oceans
  2. The Tropical Rainforest
  3. Mountains and Deserts
  4. The Poles
  5. Jungle (Indian) – available Spring 2018

A series in which ingenious gatefolds present a spectacular and entirely original look at nature.
The first title, The Tropical Rainforest, transports the reader to the swamplands of the Amazon delta and up through the layers of the forest canopy.


  • Hardback
  • 40 pages printed 4/4, self-ends
  • 300 × 228 mm (11¾ × 9")
  • 8–12 years


RIGHTS TAKEN – Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Colombia

RIGHTS REVERTED – US & Canada, Denmark, Spain, Korea, Russia, Australasia, Poland, Arabic, Mexico, China



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