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Time Sliders

By Nic Watts and Joel Levy

Time Sliders - Dr Kryptix and the Labyrinths of Time


Journey through space and time in a maze-based adventure that challenges you with the greatest labyrinths in history, as you battle to make it home safely, preserve the timeline, foil the evil schemes of Dr Kryptix and save the Universe!


It’s the year 2110, and you are a student at the Infinity Academy, the Solar System’s foremost institute for the study of time travel and wormholes, located on a space station orbiting the Earth. Kitted out in a heavily armed wormhole suit of his own design, Dr Kryptix, the greatest criminal mastermind in history,breaks into your lecture and starts to fiddle with the wormhole control equipment. “Stop!” cries Professor Aeon, “You’ll fracture the wormhole and destabilise the stasis field!”


Too late! The wormhole splits into a mass of sub-wormholes, which break free of the stasis field. Dr Kryptix plunges into one of them. One of the sub-holes snakes out into the lecture hall – straight towards you! As you are drawn into its gaping mouth, you hear the Professor shout: “Follow the wormholes home, but watch out for Dr Kryptix – he’s up to something!” After a psychedelic trip down the wormhole you land in ancient Egypt. Can you make it through the maze to find the next wormhole? Can you journey through all the wormholes to make it home? And can you figure out what Dr Kryptix is up to?


Dr Kryptix has created a series of wormholes that lead through time and space, linking together eight perilous mazes located in eight different time periods (see ‘Mazes’). Can you foil his nefarious plan? The fate of all mankind is at stake!


Each maze is a window into a fascinating period of history. Illustrated text boxes and a glossary provide overviews of the historical context of each maze, so learn about history while you engage minds with a master criminal.



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